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6751 Makati Ave, Ayala Center, Makati, Metro Manila 1226 Makati City PH
6751 Makati Ave, Ayala Center, Makati, Metro Manila Makati City, PH
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  • What is Landmark.PH? is the official e-commerce site of Landmark Supermarket. It carries over 10,0000 products that includes fresh meats, poultry, seafood, fruits & vegetables, frozen items including ice cream, pantry products, international products, home care essentials, personal care items, rare finds and exclusive merchandise – delivered to you on-demand, anywhere in Metro Manila, and parts of Rizal, Cavite and Laguna.

  • Do I need to create an account to order?

    Yes and it's simple! You just need to enter your name and email address or simply connect your account via your social media account. When you register, you will be qualified to some incentives that will be offered on site.

  • How to create an account?

    On the home page, click on the "Account" button on the header and choose "Register". You will be directed to the registration page wherein you will enter your Name, Email, Phone Number and Password.

  • Where can I see my past orders?

    To check your order history, log in using your account on our website, click "Account" on the header and then choose "Orders".

  • Where can I change my address?

    To add or edit your shipping addresses, log in using your account on our website, click "Account" on the header and then choose "Address Book". Next to the Address you want to edit, click on the edit button (pencil icon). Edit the detail and click "Update Address" to save the data.

  • Where can I change my password?

    To change your password, log in using your account on our website, click "Account" on the header then choose "Profile" and click the "Change Password" button.

  • I am not in the delivery area, can I still register?

    Definitely! We are constantly expanding our delivery area. Register so we can inform you as soon as we start providing services to your address.

  • How can I contact customer service?

    Our customer service team is available daily, Monday-Sunday, from 8am to 6pm. Via email: Please send us message at with complete information about your query. Via Facebook messenger: Message us at Via Instagram direct message: Message us at

  • Is my private data safe with this website? respects and values every customer’s personal data privacy. We commit to safeguard the integrity, security and confidentiality of personal data that it collects, processes, uses and stores in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA) and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR). For this purpose, we will only keep your information for as long as we are either required to by law or as is relevant for the purposes for which it was collected.

  • I have a general concern / complaint / feedback

    Our customer service team is available daily, Monday-Sunday, from 8am to 6pm.
    Via email: Please send us message at with complete information about your query.
    Via Facebook messenger: Message us at
    Via Instagram direct message: Message us at


  • How to order?

    You will be asked to enter your location first to check whether you are under our serviceable area. Then you may proceed with browsing our categories & adding items to the cart. Make sure you complete the booking process all the way to payment. Once done, you will receive a confirmation email that your order has been received.

  • How will I know that all the items I added to cart are available ?

    After picking your items at the supermarket floor, your assigned in-store coordinator shall call/text you for confimation of out of stock items and possible substitutes

    Once order is finalized, items will be checked out and dispatched. An SMS will be sent to you by your assigned in-store coordinator prior to delivery.

  • Can someone outside of the Philippines order for someone in the Philippines?

    Yes! A person outside of the Philippines can order for someone within the serviceable areas of

    Upon check out, there’s a section where you can opt to Ship to a Different Address. Make sure you provide name, complete address & contact details of recipient in your order. Our Customer Service Representative will reach out to you to confirm the order.

  • Is there a minimum order?

    Yes, there is a minimum order value of P1,000 to purchase online.

  • Is there a delivery fee?

    Yes, our delivery fee is currently based on order value, day of delivery and distance from our branch. Delivery fee starts at P99 for next day delivery, and as low as P150 for same-day delivery, subject to slot availability.

    Basket SizeSame DayNext DayIn 2 Days
    Php 3k and belowPhp 150Php 99Php 99
    Over Php 3k to 6kPhp 300Php 180Php 180
    Over Php 6k to 10kPhp 400Php 250Php 250
    Over Php 10k to 15kN.APhp 375Php 375
    Over Php 15k to 20kN.APhp 500Php 500
    Over Php 20k to 25kN.APhp 625Php 625
    Over Php 25k to 30kN.APhp 750Php 750
    Over Php 30k to 40kN.APhp 870Php 870
    Over Php 40k to 50kN.APhp 1,090Php 1,090
    Over Php 50k to 80kN.APhp 1,744Php 1,744
    Over Php 80k to 100kN.AN.APhp 2,000
    Over Php 100k to 200kN.AN.APhp 3,000
    Over Php 200k to 300kN.AN.APhp 4,000
    Over Php 300k to 400kN.AN.APhp 5,000
    Over Php 400k to 500kN.AN.APhp 6,000
  • What is a Shopper fee and how much is it?

    A Shopper Fee is a charge for the convenience of a personal shopper who does the grocery shopping inside the supermarket on your behalf. It starts at P85 only for orders of P3,000 and below. There is no limit to the size of the order and the Shopper Fee increases accordingly.

    Basket SizeShopper Fee
    Php 3k and belowPhp 85
    Over Php 3k to 6kPhp 99
    Over Php 6k to 10kPhp 129
    Over Php 10kPhp 169
  • Why is it some products are not available online?

    Not all products on the supermarket floor are offered online. We have already curated the most popular & the best products for your selection in our online store. Despite this, we have the widest assortment of over 10,000 products in our online platform. Should you wish to purchase an unlisted product, you may advise our customer service team and we may consider listing them, subject to approval by management.

  • Are the product prices in this website the same as supermarket floor prices?

    There are products that are the same as the supermarket floor prices while others are slightly higher. This is affected by changes in item prices and/or supply availability. Some products, esp. fresh items have volatile prices and may change at the time of picking. When this happens, you will be informed by our operations team regarding the changes.

  • Do you have delivery period options?

    Landmark.PH operates from 7:00am - 6:00pm, daily. There are period options that you can select in the delivery schedule page.

  • What if there are out-of-stock items?

    We try our best to update our inventory of products online, however, we cannot avoid that some items may be unavailable at the time of picking. We have implemented a pre-determined substitute product online for fast moving items. When you choose such product, you will see a drop-down menu indicating available substitutes. If you do not wish for a substitute, just choose "Remove from my order" and we will not replace item when it is out-of-stock.

  • What items are sold by weight?

    Fresh items are sold by weight -- vegetables, fruits, fish & seafood, meat & poultry. Unless items are pre-packed, final weight of fresh items may vary. Please expect an adjustment of a few grams on your goods and corresponding item prices. You will receive an advise of the change prior to check-out.

  • How will I know my order was successfully placed?

    You will receive an order confirmation email from us if your order is placed successfully. Check your spam folder just in case the email from us gets directed there. If you do not receive a notification email, please log in using your account on our website, click My Account > Orders, you can check whether you have a pending order or none.

  • Am I going to be charged for out-of-stock items?

    You will not be charged for an out-of-stock item unless it was replaced. The price of the replacement item or substitute will be reflected on your final bill.

  • Can I add items to my order at a later date?

    Once an order has been placed, we can no longer add any items. Should you need more items, you may place another order online.

  • Why is my credit card not accepted?

    1. Your credit card maybe expired

    2. You might have exceed the credit limit, hence, is not allowed to make any purchase

    3. You might have failed to verify the OTP code sent to you

    4. The credit card number, expiry date, CVV were entered incorrectly


  • Where can I track my orders?

    To check the status of your order, log in using your account and click "Track Your Order" button located on the header.

  • Who will deliver my order?

    We are partners with Logistikus Express and other service providers. We shall do our best to fulfill our delivery service using available resources and within reasonable conditions.

  • What are the serviceable or delivery areas?

    We deliver in Metro Manila and some parts of Rizal, Cavite and Laguna.
    Metro ManilaRizal
    Quezon CityMarikinaAntipolo
    MalabonSan JuanTaytay
    CaloocanPaterosSan Mateo
    PasayLas Pinas
    San PedroImus
    Sta. RosaSilang
  • I did not receive an order confirmation email , what should I do?

    You may contact our customer service hotline directly (+63) 9999545744 or send us an email to in case you encounter the following:

    1. If you have not received an order confirmation via email at all
    2. If you have received an order confirmation email but order was not processed

  • What happens if the receiver is neither not around nor available at the delivery address at the time of delivery?

    We will deliver your order in the agreed period. Prior to delivery, we will send you a notification via SMS that your order is on its way. It is best to communicate to us if the recipient of the order is not available and kindly indicate the name and contact details of the new representative.

    If the delivery service has not received any information from you and does not meet you at the delivery address:

    1. Your assigned rider will contact you by phone again.
    2. If we do not reach you via phone call/SMS, we will send you a personal email with a request to contact you.
    3. If neither of the options worked, we will park your order within the day and wait for your confirmation. Should you wish to reschedule redelivery on a different date, additional shipping fee will be charged.

  • What to do if I receive a wrong item or a damaged item ?

    If you have any concerns about your order or the item you received, please contact our customer service hotline immediately at (+63) 9999545744, send us an email to

  • Is delivery outside the delivery area possible?

    We are constantly expanding our coverage and are looking for ways to be able to provide services beyond our existing delivery areas.


  • Which payment methods are offered?

    Currently, the following payment methods are accepted:

    Cash on Delivery (COD)
    Debit/Credit card (Mastercard & Visa)
    WeChat Pay

  • Why do my order amount and my receipt amount differ?

    There are three possibilities for a discrepancy between the order amount and the invoice amount:

    1. Weighted goods: Weighted goods are products such as fruit, vegetables, seafoods, and meat, which can be of different weights or have to be weighed. In the case of these products, the delivery quantity can vary by +/- 15% from the order quantity or the invoice price can deviate to the same extent from the order price.

    2. Out of stock: Completeness of order is part of our priorities. Unfortunately, there are fast-moving products or frequently ordered that is/are no longer available when we facilitate your order.

    3. Substitutes: As much as possible, we try to offer substitutes for out of stock items. There are instances that price can vary +/- 15 % from the original item ordered vs. the item substituted.


  • There are items that were confirmed but were not delivered, how do I get a refund?

    Refund request specifically for undelivered items should be for verified within 24 hours upon receipt of customer's advise. Once the Refund is valid, we process the amount four to seven (4-7) days through the same payment method you have used. In the case of Cash on Delivery, we use Gcash for refund.

Return Policy

  • Can I return items that are damaged or incorrect?

    If the items delivered to you are damaged or incorrect, please contact our customer service hotline immediately and provide your order details and will be subject to verification and qualification.

    Please note that only accepts returns 24 hours upon dispatch for Dry-Food and Non-Food and only 2 hours upon dispatch for Fresh and Frozen items.

Offers & promotions / coupon codes / vouchers

  • How can I enter coupon codes?

    On the shopping cart page, there is a text field on the lower right of the page. Enter the voucher code and click Apply.

  • My coupon/voucher code did not work?

    Here are some possible reasons:

    1. You did not click "Apply" after entering the code.
    2. Your coupon code may have mechanics wherein it can only be redeemed with a minimum order value that you have not yet reached.
    3. You may have mistakenly made a typo (coupon codes do not contain spaces or umlauts).
    4. You may have tried to redeem two or more codes simultaneously.

  • Can I have a coupon/voucher code deducted from the invoice at a later date?

    Unfortunately, we cannot withdraw your coupon/voucher code after submitting your order. You may try to redeem your voucher on your next order.

  • Can I redeem multiple coupon/voucher codes in one order?

    Only one coupon/voucher code can be applied per order.

  • Do you accept Senior Citizen/PWD discount?

    Unfortunately, no. Senior Citizen and PWD discounts cannot be applied on purchases made in this platform.